The Truth about Cancer Live FREE Event October 5-7, 2017


Earlier this month, I had a LifeScan completed. If you have never had one done and have the opportunity to, I HIGHLY recommend it. LifeScan is a thorough health work-up that includes blood work, hearing and vision tests, ultrasounds and a physical exertion test. The entire set takes about 2-3 hours to complete. The very first year I did mine they found a tumor in my thyroid. I had to go to a specialist for follow-up and they determined, at that time, it was benign and now we just monitor it. My husband and I are extremely lucky, as our employer offers LifeScan as a free benefit for each employee every two years. This year I was eligible again and went thru the process. During the exam and ultrasounds, they found a lump on one of my breasts. Very scary words to hear. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 40. I’m 34. My grandmother (on my father’s side) has been diagnosed with breast cancer twice now. It’s on both sides of my family and I’m nervous. I completed a follow-up with my doctor and now have to do more tests to find out what this is. Obviously, we are praying for the best.

Prayers are definitely welcome and appreciated!

While sitting in the waiting room of my doctor for the follow-up, I was browsing Facebook and came across information on an upcoming Live webinar – “The Truth About Cancer”. Cowinkydink, huh?

The Truth About Cancer Live is an online event that features 36 of today’s most renowned and respected health experts. If you want to heal your cancer or the cancer of a loved one or your like me and simply want to discover the secrets to living a healthier life never touched by cancer… then I urge you to join me at what many of the health professionals and cancer survivors are calling THE health event of the year! And the best part? It’s completely FREE for you!

Here is a list up the speakers & sessions:

  • Jeffrey M. Smith – How GMO’s Have Been Linked to Cancer
  • Cherie Calbom – How Vegetable Juicing Complements a Ketogenic Diet
  • Del Bigtree – Freedom of Choice in Medicine
  • Dr. Ed Group – Fasting: The Healing Miracle
  • Dr. Robert Scott Bell – Gut Health, the Microbiome and Cancer
  • G. Edward Griffin – The Politics of Cancer
  • Dr. Toni Bark – Ketogenic Diet and Disease Reversal & Prevention
  • Dr. David Jockers – The Sugar Cancer Connection
  • Paul Barattiero – The Importance of Hydrogen & Water
  • Drs. Jack & Heather Wolfson – The Truth about Heart Disease & Cancer Prevention Starts in the Womb
  • Sayer Ji – Benign vs. Malignant Tumor, Epigenetics and Cancer
  • Dr. Tony Jiminez – Treating Cancer with Sound & Light
  • Dr. Veronique Desaulniers – Never Fear Breast Cancer Again
  • Dr. Ben Johnson – Stem Cells, Lasers and Novel Approaches for Cancer
  • Dr. Darrell Wolfe – The Tumor Time Bomb
  • Pharmacist Ben Fuchs – Multiple Healing Pharmacies for Skin Health & Skin Cancer
  • Dr. Billy DeMoss – Preventing Cancer with Chiropractic & Exercise
  • Dr. Peter Osbourne – No Grain, No Pain
  • Dr. Thomas Seyfried – The Metabolic Mitochondrial Theory of Cancer
  • Rodney Habib – Clues from Canines: The Ketogenic Cancer Cure?
  • Dr. Karen Becker – Clues from Canines: The Ketogenic Cancer Cure?
  • KC & Monica Craichy – SuperFood Nutrition & Cancer Prevention
  • Liana Werner-Gray – RAW Food Diet & Health
  • Dr. Linda Issacs – Treating Cancer with Enzymes & Diet
  • Dr. Manuela Boyle – Ayurveda & Cancer
  • Dr. Eric Zielinski – Essential Oils, Aromatherapy & Cancer
  • Dr. Frank King – Cancer Prevention & Correction with Homeopathy
  • Dr. Bradford S. Weeks – Founder & Medical Director of Alternative Health Advocates
  • Barbara Loe Fisher – Medical Tyranny & Why Informed Consent Matters
  • Erin Elizabeth – How to Find a Good Natural Doctor
  • Dr. Dan Nuzum – Holistic Healing with Nutraceuticals (One-on-One Q&A)
  • Dr. Stuart Nunnally – Biological Dentistry & Cancer Prevention
  • Dr. Larry Palevsky – Vaccines & Natural Alternatives for Children

While I am completely firm in my faith and know that God is beside me always, I am doing research for myself. As my husband always says, you can’t pray for a job and expect the results you want if you aren’t doing your part – i.e. applying for jobs. Even if this turns out in the most positive way, knowledge is power and maybe I could use it to help a friend, family member or even reader in the future! A friend & previous co-worker of mine, Linda, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Instead of choosing the traditional treatments of chemo or radiation, she took the natural route. While a lot of people turn away from this for different reasons: non-traditional, not enough information, no support from family or friends, scared… I am a firm believer now that all illnesses do not need medications or medical procedures. Linda researched, took several natural supplements a day and completely cut out sugar from her life. As we’ve all heard before – sugar does feed cancer. One year later, her cancer was in remission. Amazing!

This event will take place online October 5th thru 7th, 2017. I am personally interested, and will be attending, this Live event online. I hope that you will join me and become the healthiest you – it’s completely free! All you need to do is pre-register. Simply enter your email via THIS LINK and they will send you all the details! It’s that easy.

BONUS: Just for showing up to the Live Stream to watch the event they will give you access to a FREE Directory of all 40 Speakers and Experts contact information!

There are a ton of sessions that I am interested in, but my top 3 would be: RAW Food Diet & Health, Essential Oils Aromatherpy & Cancer and Vaccines & Natural Alternatives for Children. Which session are you looking forward to hearing the most?

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