Elsie Needs Your Votes! #TheCuteKid

Have you heard of the website TheCuteKid? They offer monthly contests with cash prizes for sharing cute photos of your kiddos! I was a bit skeptical at first, but I know a few people that have entered and decided to try it out. This is our first experience, so I’ll be able to share more later but I wanted to give you some information now and throw in a shameless plug to ask my awesome followers to vote for Elsie!

Here’s how it works:

Each month you can enter your child’s photo in one of five categories: Baby (0-1 years old), Toddler (1-2 years old), Preschooler (2-4 years old), Big Kid (4-8 years old) and Preteen (8-12 years old) for the chance to win up to $1,000! Each month one winner is selected from each category. Of the five winners, one will be declared the “Overall Monthly Winner” and receive $1,000! The other four category winners will receive $500!

The only way to qualify for the Grand Prize is to win the monthly contest! Each monthly winner is automatically entered into the Yearly Contest for the chance to win a $25,000 College Scholarship, Trip to New York City, tickets to The Lion King on Broadway, a professional photo shoot and more!

I have not entered Elsie into the monthly contest yet, but decided to test out one of their “Special Contests” before jumping in. The contest Elsie is currently entered in is titled, “Oops! Mom, I did it again…” and was intended for parents to share funny mishaps. Please click on THIS LINK and you’ll see the photo below. Once on the link, simply click the blue “Vote” button above the photo.

You can vote ONCE EVERY 24 HOURS through October 15th, 2019!

“Mommy, I can do my makeup!”

I love this photo because Elsie absolutely LOVES to play with makeup and often wants to also do mine.. before I am to head out to a blog event or work! She is so adorable trying to get it perfectly right and creates her own masterpieces 🙂

Help Elsie win this Special Contest by clicking the link above the photo daily! This particular contest is judged by the most votes, similar to a “People’s Choice” award! Every. Vote. Counts!

Have a special little one with a cute photo that you want to enter? Check out my vote link above and create your own account to enter! BONUS: When you create an account, you’ll receive an offer for a 11×14 canvas of your photo for FREE (just pay shipping) thanks to their partner CanvasPeople! And, if you decide to enter their monthly contest, you’ll receive a second offer for a FREE 8×10 canvas!