Quarantine Fun with Slip n’ Slide Kickball!

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Today is National Kickball Day and with the “Safer at Home” Order in place, we’ve been looking for unique ideas to keep the kids (and adults!) busy. Being outside & getting fresh air, spending quality time with family and having fun while doing so is the perfect combination that makes this activity a home run! It’s a fun twist on a classic outdoor game.

It’s a pretty simple game to put together and if you don’t already have all the supplies they are pretty easy to acquire.

Here’s the 6 Supplies You’ll Need:

4 Inflatable Pools (I purchased these Inflatable Patriotic Pools on Oriental Trading for only $7 each & they arrived within four days – even with the Coronavirus mail delays!)

*4 Tarps (plastic drop cloths or actual Slip n’ Slides will also work)

*Plastic or Metal Stakes (if you aren’t using actual Slip n’ Slides then you’ll want these to hold the tarps, etc. down. We used some tent stakes we had in our camping bin.)

*Large Bottle of Soap

*Water Source

*Kickball (To add a little fun to the game you can also use an oversized kids ball… it’s harder to catch and doesn’t hurt as bad when you accidentally throw it hard in the heat of competition! Check out this fun Inflatable 30″ Extra Large Soccer Ball that you can add to your pool order!)

How to Set Up Your Kickball Field:

First, you’ll want to set up your field similar to that of a baseball field. Place your four inflatable pools as bases, even distances away from each other in the shape of a diamond, and the tarps in between each base where players run. If you are using actual slip n’ slides then it will be even easier as you’ll just set those up in between your bases.

Note: You’ll want to leave a little space to the right of home plate, so players have room to kick the ball without having to stand on a slippery surface.

Next, fill up your bases with water.

Last, place some soap on the runs and spray down with lots of water.

You can add pieces of carpet under the bases if you’d like to cushion when people jump into the pools. Running water throughout the game is an option and not necessary. This game is totally customizable to your family’s budget and comfort level. The only thing required is for you to have fun!

Rules of the Game:

Split into two teams. Designate a team name (not required, but totally fun!) & game goal. Do you want to stop the game after one team reaches a score of 15? Or see how many runs each team can score in 30 minutes? Or do you want to set a number of innings to play? It’s up to you!

We only had two players on each team to run, so you can adapt the rules to make the game fit. Our oldest just wanted to play pitcher for both teams and we let our littlest one kick & run for both teams.

One member from the first team up will go to home plate and the pitcher will roll the ball. The player will kick the ball then run and slip into first base. Think you can make it to second without being tagged? Go for it! Usually stealing bases will cease once the pitcher has the ball back.

Players are considered “out” if the ball gets caught by the pitcher or another player OR if they are tagged by the ball.

The goal is to get all the way to home base without being “tagged”. Teams play until they reach three outs and then the teams swap places. The games continues until your set goal is reached!

We had a blast playing this today and it is going to be a fun game for many years to come – summertime, family get togethers, Florida hurricane parties and more!

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