The Most Powerful Story of Forgiveness

This is the most powerful story of forgiveness I’ve ever read. Eva Mozes Kor is a Holocaust survivor. She tells her personal story in the video I’ve shared below of how she & her family were shipped to the Auschwitz Camp in 1944. When they discovered she and her sister Miriam were twins, they were immediately pulled away from their family and never saw them again. This was the moment I broke down listening to her. I couldn’t even imagine my little girl being pulled away from me and never seeing her again. Eva goes on to tell her story of how her sister and her were then used in daily experiments by Dr. Josef Mengele and his team. 50 years later she met Dr. Hunch, a doctor that was present in Auschwitz. She convinced him to sign a document that attested to the existence of the Auschwitz gas chambers. Even though she was denounced by other Holocaust survivors, to thank him she wrote a letter of forgiveness to Dr. Hunch. She realized that she had the power to forgive. No one could give her that power and no one could take it away – it was hers to do with how she pleased. This letter was an act of self healing. Her message is so powerful.

Eva runs CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center in Terra Haute, Indiana, in the memory of her sister Miriam. She also shares her experiences from her time at Auschwitz and the lessons she learned in the path to forgiveness.

My daughter is 12 years old and has watched nearly every video on the subject of the Holocaust. We will be visiting the St. Petersburg Holocaust Museum soon, but I will also be adding Eva’s museum to our family’s travel bucket list as I would love the chance to meet this beautiful, strong, courageous woman.

Post Author: Mommy Love Media