Dear Baby, We Can’t Wait to Meet You!

Our Little Bundle of Joy,

We’ve finally hit the 32 week mark and as we start to get your nursery together and prep for your Baby Shower coming up this weekend – the reality that I am your Mommy is hitting me hard. I feel so many emotions – happy, blessed, nervous and a bit terrified. Being pregnant with you has been one of the absolute best experiences of my life. As I sit here and try to pen to you exactly how I’m feeling, I hear the song “How Great is Our God” come on the radio and I’m overwhelmed with joy. No, I’m not having a pregnant emotional breakdown, but I am having to wipe away my happy tears to finish. I’m truly blessed at the thought of being called “Mommy”. Wow! I never thought I would ever get the chance to hear anyone call me Mommy. In fact, its still a little surreal to even write yet. Be prepared.. I will probably cry the first time you call me Mommy.

I’m a little terrified at bringing such a small, innocent life into the world that it has become today. I’m not going to lie – it’s a scary one. Between the racism, terrorism and overall hatred that this world has become I just stand firm in my faith that God will guide us in keeping you protected from it for as long as we can. On the days I was most anxious or became overwhelmed with the stresses of life in general, I felt your little (sometimes BIG!) kicks and always knew that you were telling me, “It’s okay Mommy. Everything will be fine.” Feeling you move inside me is such a surreal, incredible experience. Although I know you’ve heard Daddy talking to you and you’ve played with him as he massages my tummy, I truly wish Daddy could experience this the way I have.

We often find ourselves daydreaming about what you will look like. Will you have Daddy’s handsome latte complexion? (Yes, Mommy may be is a coffee addict so get used to the references) Will you inherit Mommy’s blue eyes? Have long, gorgeous hair like your sister? A beautiful, contagious smile like your brother? As of right now we’ve asked the doctors to keep your gender a surprise. I thought I would be more anxious to know up front, but the anticipation and excitement of waiting has made this whole experience that much more thrilling — although it is driving your sister & brother (and a few others) crazy!

Your Daddy is an amazing man and I honestly couldn’t have asked God to chose anyone better to be my husband or your Daddy! He has such a huge, loving beautiful heart that truly cares for people. Your Daddy would give a stranger his last quarter, meal or shirt if they needed it. I often sit in awe as I see him turn around the car to help a complete stranger – for he is what this world needs more of! He is a man of God and our family’s rock. He prays for you every night and will teach you how to pray and more about our wonderful God once you are born. Your Daddy is also a police officer. He puts his life on the line everyday to protect our community and he makes us so proud!

Your sister, Brianna, is such an amazing, smart, beautiful young woman. We just celebrated her 11th birthday last week – and yes, you love The Cheesecake Factory as much as she does! She is already an incredible big sister, but is anxiously awaiting your arrival as well. She LOVES to watch you move around in my tummy. I love to see her excitement every time she sees you kick as she yells out, “Did you see that one?!” We went out and bought your first book “I Wish You More” and she asked if she could read it to you. Brianna was sitting on my left and I could feel you on the right side of my tummy. As she read to you, you moved to the left.. closer to her – it was amazing!

Your brother, Sammy, is a funny, smart, handsome young man. We celebrated his 9th birthday last night. Right now, he’s the youngest but I know he will have no problem stepping up into the Big Brother role. Even as the youngest, he is very protective of Brianna – so I know he will be just as protective of you. He loves to joke & play around and has a smile that can light up the entire room! He watched you moving around my tummy at high speed one night and thought you looked like an alien.. I couldn’t help but laugh. Sorry, but Mommy kind of agrees – you were moving and kicking at warp speed that night! With Sammy, there are sure to lots of laughter and fun!

I can’t wait to see Brianna & Sammy with you – holding you, snuggling with you, reading to you, teaching you about life so far! My deepest hope is that the three of you have a wonderful relationship and share many memories throughout childhood without the titles of “half” brother and/or sister.. knowing we are all one family!

You are SO loved already and we can’t wait to meet you!




  1. Wow! As tears run down my face, I think how lucky this baby is already. He/She will be raised with love and with a family bond that is as strong and true.

  2. Just beautiful, Heather ❤️ I’m so happy for your family!

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