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I recently found this AWESOME coupon site, DealSpotr, that you REALLY need to check out!

I have already started Christmas shopping this year. Call me an over-achiever if you like, but I want to be done by Black Friday (that’s my last hoo-rah shopping day for Christmas deals!)  So this deal may not be for the kiddo’s, but it was on my list 🙂 I’ve been wanting an essential oil diffuser forever! When I was checking out the Amazon codes on DealSpotr, someone had posted this awesome deal:

The kids are asleep, so in my best Bridget the Bergen voice: “I’m so happy I could scream… ahhh!” {LoveBug’s been teething, so we’ve watched Trolls at least five times a day the last few weeks – it makes her happy, don’t judge…}

According to DealSpotr’s Case Study, you can save an average of 7 minutes and $14 each time you shop online. In an effort to bring you the best information on coupons & deals, and for my own personal curiosity, I decided to put this to the test.

I currently use a plug-in from GumDrop on my browser that notifies me if they have any coupon codes for that site, when I add items to my cart. I can then click to try the coupons and it will automatically add them to my cart for me. There’s a few problems:

  1. When I tried to purchase this diffuser, there were only 2 coupons listed for the entire Amazon website on GumDrop – not the best odds!
  2. When it attempts to use them in your cart, it provides the coupon code, but does not tell you what the discount or deal is for. I literally have to Google “Amazon” and the coupon code to see what the offer is – definitely not time efficient!
  3. Neither of the two coupon codes available worked – so frustrating!

My next step is usually RetailMeNot, which currently has 50 coupon codes available for Amazon – great!

  1. This deal was not listed – bummer! If I hadn’t found DealSpotr – I would have definitely missed out!
  2. None of the coupons listed applied – they were either for other specific products or offered free shipping for orders over $25 or signing up for Amazon Prime (which I already knew about and, in my opinion, is not a true “coupon code”)
  3. Most coupons are not verified – I turned on the “RetailMeNot Verified” filter and it dropped from 50 available codes to 19!
  4. A lot of the coupons I tested for other products were not valid 🙁

Now I compared to DealSpotr, which was super easy to use! Here’s how:

First, type in your store – I searched Amazon – and your list of deals & codes will populate. Currently, DealSpotr has 358 promo codes listed for Amazon!

Next, use the filters on the left to break down the listed deals to find what you need. You’ll find promo codes, site wide discount offers, free shipping offers, current sales, deals for specific products, in store printable coupons, single use coupons and 3rd party deals! Wowzers!


Next to the coupon, you’ll see where other users have validated your selected offer and how long ago! This particular coupon code was validated 4 days ago!

DealSpotr Validated

I added the promo code listed for the essential oil diffuser to my cart and it worked! It brought my total from $24.97 to $12.97! A savings of $12 – pretty darn close to their $14 average! It also only took me a few minutes to find this particular coupon code after searching “Amazon” on DealSpotr, so I’d say their case study is pretty accurate!


After trying dozens of promo codes found elsewhere and becoming frustrated (sometimes even leaving my online cart altogether!), I’m so glad I found DealSpotr – they have current, up to date, valid coupons & deals for thousands of retailers. The difference between this site and many others is that on DealSpotr users like you and I have the option to validate codes, making sure that only the most up to date deals & offers stay on the website. All codes are verified by users and must include a screen shot (either validating they work or showing they didn’t). If a code is validated as no longer working, it is taken down – not left up and listed as Expired as on competitor sites, which can be tricky to tell the difference sometimes. I have personally found more coupon codes here than on any other coupon site!

And here’s the best part…. if you love coupons & deals as much as I do and love helping others – you can GET PAID for sharing your best finds!

First, sign up for a FREE DealSpotr Account. Yes, this is a referral link but you’ll snag $5 to start out by using my link, completing your new user checklist (super easy!) and posting your first deal! You can earn points by posting deals, validating deals, completing your daily checklist, referring friends & family and more! All you need is 10,o00 points to earn your first $10 Amazon gift card – and you’re already half way there by using my code!

Check out DealSpotr and let me know what your best deal or coupon find is!

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