Countdown to 40 with the Day Zero Project!

I have always loved making lists. If it’s written down and crossed off I find myself feeling extremely accomplished. Some days I may even write something on my list I’ve already done that day just so something is already crossed off! Someone tell me I’m not the only one that does that?!

I also love having goals to work towards. This is why I find the Day Zero Project so exciting! It’s a perfect blend of things I need to get done and fun goals to work towards. If you haven’t heard of the Day Zero Project before it’s a challenge aimed at completing 101 goals in 1,001 days (which equates to about 2.75 years). 1,001 days is reachable yet still challenging and time restraints have been proven to kick in focus & determination!

As I reflect on my life and turning 37 over the summer there’s admittedly some things I wish I would have already accomplished from the list you’re about to read. However, the end of my 1,001 days will be exactly one month after my 40th birthday and I’m excited to see the personal & business growth that will be attained during this project! I will update this list as goals are accomplished, so I hope you’ll follow along with me.


Highlighted Yellow = In Progress

Crossed Out with Link = Completed

Start Date: November 27, 2020

End Date: August 25, 2023


(1) Read the Entire Bible.

(2) Sing in the Church Choir.

(3) Attend 3 Christian Events.

(4) Go on a Personal Spiritual Retreat.

(5) Start a Prayer Journal & Pray Consistently for 30 Days.



(6) Start a Non-Negotiable Date Night with Hubby, Once a Month for a Year.

(7) Learn to Salsa Dance.

(8) Start a Non-Negotiable Date Night with the Kids, Once a Month for a Year.

(9) Complete a Service Project as a Family.

(10) Start a New Family Tradition.

(11) Consider becoming Foster Parents.

(12) Create a Family Crest.

(13) Have a New Family Photo Taken.

(14) Establish Weekly/Monthly Sunday Dinners with Our Extended Family.



(15) Start a Small Family Farm.

(16) See a Broadway Show.

(17) Try Geocaching.

(18) Learn to Paddleboard.

(19) Take the Kids to Hunsaders Farm during the Fall.

(20) Visit Lavender & Sunflower Fields.

(21) Complete a Diamond Paint Kit.

(22) Go Scalloping.

(23) Take My Husband to a Concert – Marc Anthony or Kem.

(24) Take the Family to a Live Sporting Event.

(25) Find 5 New Swimming Holes.

(26) Find 3 New Camping Spots.

(27) Learn about Astrology & Name a Star after Our Family.

(28) Go Tubing down Rainbow River.

(29) Have a Kids Day! (They Decide What We Do, Eat, etc)

(30) Complete 5 RAOK (Rare Acts of Kindness as a Family.

(31) Skydiving.

(32) Create a Will.



(33) Get Out of Debt.

(34) Establish an Emergency Savings (3 Months).

(35) Increase Our Credit Scores to 700+.

(36) Purchase Our First Home.

(37) Use My Coupons to Build a Stockpile worth $5,000.

(38) Complete a No Spend Week.

(39) Establish a Checking and/or Savings Account for Each Child.



(40) Make a “Family Bucket List” of at Least 2 Cities in Each State. Visit 3 States.

(41) Take a Spontaneous Trip (No Planning, Just Pick a City & Go!)

(42) Visit a Sloth Encounter.

(43) Have a Girls Glamping Trip.

(44) Take a Trip for One of these Reasons: Double Coupons, Penny Shopping, Clearance Deals or Thrifting.



(45) Get Back to a Healthy 125 lbs.

(46) Run 3 5K Events.

(47) Learn Yoga.

(48) Drink 1 Gallon of Water Every Day for 7 Days.



(49) Learn How to Make 5 Puerto Rican Recipes.

(50) Learn How to Make Sushi.

(51) Learn about Wine & Make My Own Bottle.

(52) Make a Meal with Only Ingredients from a Farmer’s Market Trip.

(53) Submit a Recipe into a Contest.

(54) Host a Family Fish Fry.

(55) Buy a Cookbook & Make Every Recipe.

(56) Make a Beautiful “Naked” Cake from Scratch.



(57) Find a Personally Inspiring Quote & Turn it into a Piece of Art/Home Decor.

(58) Build a Garden Work Bench.

(59) Sew a Photo Quilt.

(60) Make a Family Cookbook.

(61) Build a Custom Rustic Dining Room Table.

(62) Build a Custom Rustic Office Desk.

(63) Complete 15 of My Favorite Pinterest Finds.

(64) Upcycle a Piece of Furniture.



(65) Make Mommy Love Media an Official Business & LLC or Trademark Blog.

(66) Create a Custom Logo.

(67) Create a Media Kit & Business Cards.

(68) Blog Every Day for 30 Days.

(69) Reach 5,000 Subscribers across Social Media Platforms & Email.

(70) Launch Celebrate Today.

(71) Attend 3 Blog Conferences.

(72) Publish a Book.

(73) Submit 10 Articles for Publication to a Magazine.

(74) Become an Ambassador for a Charity.

(75) Attend a Red Carpet Event.

(76) Get Hired as Social Media Manager for 3 Companies.

(77) Learn HTML and SEO.

(78) Take a Photography Course.

(79) Teach a Couponing Class.

(80) Start a Podcast.

(81) Secure a Weekly Spot on TV and/or Radio.

(82) Secure a Weekly Column in the Local Newspaper.

(83) Be Successful Enough to Work from Home.



(84) Learn Spanish.

(85) Learn “I Love You” in 7 Languages.

(86) Write a List of “100 Books to Read in a Lifetime” and Read 15 Books.

(87) Go Back to College & Finish My Degree.

(88) Grow a Garden.

(89) Get a Motorcycle License Endorsement.

(90) Get My Concealed Weapons Permit.

(91) Get Another Tattoo.

(92) Try Something New in Beauty.

(93) Try Something New in Health.

(94) Find My Everyday Makeup Look.

(95) Create a Household Cleaning Schedule that Works for Our Family.

(96) Declutter the House & Garage.

(97) Start a LEO Wife Group.

(98) Attend Ellen’s 12 Days of Christmas.

(99) Help Hubby Start “Freakin’ Ricans” to Sell His Amazing Sofrito.

(100) Learn about Essential Oils.

(101) Learn about Homeopathy & Vaccines.

I haven’t even started yet and I’m already thinking about doing a 2nd list once this is completed, so comment with something you would add to your list! If you create an entire list of your own, I’d love to hear about it!

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