Hey, I’m Heather!

I live in Florida and I am unapologetically addicted to coffee, coupons, fall weather, traveling, Disney, sock monkeys, sloths and everything rose gold.

I have been married to the love of my life since May 2015 and in our world faith & family are first! I am so thankful and blessed that God has brought this man into my life! He is our family’s rock and faith foundation. God really does have a plan and “special someone” for everyone, you just have to be patient and wait on His timing! He is also a police Detective, so being a law enforcement wife certainly has its own stresses and challenges but I am incredibly proud of my knight in shining kevlar!

We are a blended family and have three children.  They have huge hearts, love to learn & play and be silly. As a parent, I always thought my job would be to teach them everything there is to know about life, but it turns out parenthood is also learning a lot from your children. 

About Mommy Love Media

I started blogging in 2010 under the name Frugal Southern Living. This site was primarily a blog where I shared coupons & shopping deals. Being addicted to coupons & savings, this was the perfect starter blog for me but as I grew over the years, married and had children I wanted to include more of my life and inspire in more ways than just financially. So, September of 2019 I re-branded to Mommy Love Media.

My husband recently asked me why I love blogging so much and at first I wasn’t quite sure how to answer. Then I thought about a blogging event that I attended in Tampa and was able to share this story with him ~

“I attended the SmartMom Road Solutions blogging event being broadcast live via video feed and hosted by the very talented Maria Bailey of Mom Select. As we were going around the room introducing ourselves to the blogosphere, I was stopped mid-introduction as soon as she heard my blog name. She then proceeded to tell me that someone had told her about how much my blog had helped her military family save money thru some tough times.” I was flabbergasted! I didn’t even know anyone really paid attention to what I wrote. The story that was shared with me that day has touched my life and heart forever!

I blog because I may be able to help one more family. I may never know whose life I’ve been able to touch, but the chance that I might be able to is enough to keep me going. To this day I don’t know who it was that shared their story with Maria, but to you I say “Thank you!” Thank you for sharing your story, because it keeps me going and makes all the headaches and up’s and down of internet life worth it!

Where is Mommy Love Media going in the future? Since I recently re-branded my blog, my current goal is building Mommy Love Media into a place where you can find information on everything from faith, motherhood, police wife life, home, DIY, recipes, travel and more. You can expect weekly (although I am working for daily) blog posts and social media updates. As a tribute to my original blog and the reason so many people began to follow me, I am writing a book with over 500 ways to save on everyday costs!

So get cozy, grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte & enjoy your visit! I’m so glad you’re here!

Here are a few of my favorite posts to get you started: